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How to write bio murderous

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Your Bio Bio is the first impression on your potential followers. What are you doing to expand your followers, get amazing opportunities for brand promotion and allow followers to get to know you?


Allow easy access for your followers to reach you Leave one link linking to your site, your WhatsApp and blog if any. how? Log in to the site below and you will create one link that links to everything.




המדריך לביו

How to write bio murderous


Make sure that your name in bio will be the name of the brand, for example, if it is not a product but a blogger, combine the word blogger with a name, for example - nuvisav_blogger

Entry count

Use Beatles to know how prospects got into your link. Please note that the name can be changed in Beatley, you will change your brand name.


How to write bio 

Relevant words

Just like in the name section be sure to use the words relevant to the brand several times.

profile picture

For your profile picture it is advisable to use a portrait picture of yourself in good lighting. The background should not include too many distractions. Currently, popular themes include a solid color background like orange, blue or pink or your logo in case it is a business and not a private account.

Also, how much it hurts me to say, but tend to click on profiles with women photos significantly more than on other profiles (I would also suggest men use a portrait photo as profile pictures, as it will intrigue people more than for example nature). Also, please remember that this is a business decision you are making, not a personal preference.

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