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The Best Trend for 2020

There was a lot of planning for 2020 especially if you remember my last blog post.

But as you know 2020 got a turnaround and change our plan. if someone was told us before that 2020 going to look like that I believe that I was acting differently or maybe not how know ... the only thing that we know for sure is that if your business has to be online, the world has been changed and if you want to be a part of it online sell it's the right way.

Did you know?

WIX stock rose 40%, which means that most businesses start to sell online - good for them!

Today I'm going to talk about the new trends that you must check on 2020

VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO when you consider what type of content to create, the video should be on the top of your list. According to Demand Metric, in partnership with Vidyard, 83% of survey respondents said that video is increasing in importance ... If you expected to avoid this trend then think twice. Our brains are hard-wired to engage in storytelling, as a narrative arc compared to other forms. And video is a great way to tell a story and engage. The videos have been with us for years and have always been very strong this year the videos have gone more viral! If you still do not Believe in the Videos- Here you can find some facts that could change your mind: 82% of the online purchases come from videos - Aug 2020.

45% of the population watches videos for an hour a day. 90% admit that watching videos help them to decide if they want to buy some product.

63% is the clickthrough rate from videos. 1200% more video sharing than image Story !!!!!

Just to let you know - most of the popular videos run between 8-15 seconds, yes it shows a lot about our generation but it's working so how cares, 80% of the people watch the videos without even sound that's why it's so important to add subtitle to each video.

No matter if you like to make videos or not, it's working so you should start work on it.


No, it's not something new but today more than ever the more that your content is good the more traffic you get. more realistic more authentic fewer filters. Ask your audience what they like to see, share more information with them about your product, about your brand, share free tips.

Have you heard of organic promotion? ... content and good content that on your site and talks about the topics of the brand ... Slowly Google recognizes the words and raises you in the search pages. Yes, it's not a cheap service and at the same time your audience get a good content. Nuv

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