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Change Your Mindset And Propel Your Business Forward

There are many ways to be successful in your business, your career and your life. The internet is ripe with examples of people achieving tremendous success by doing one thing right and seemingly becoming an overnight success. However, deeming someone an overnight success dismisses the many failures, struggles or hardships suffered to materialize that success.

Use the following general mindset shifts to diminish your cost of implementation and ensure, whether successful or not, that the experience will still be profitable.

Push Your Boundaries

The easy way is to avoid frustration and the discomfort that comes with stepping out of your comfort zone.

But if you want to advance in your business, career or life, you have to equate the feeling of frustration with that of learning. When I start to feel too comfortable in my life, I know I haven’t pushed my boundaries lately. And while I don’t enjoy it, in order to see progress, I know I have to feel that uncomfortable frustration. That’s what leads to more money and success.

Keep Learning

While frustration is key to growth, learning something new doesn’t always have to be frustrating. If you are not learning, you’re likely to be left behind. No one wants to be the business owner who hasn’t raised their prices in 10 years. Perpetual learning keeps your business or career at the front of the pack. This doesn’t have to be formal training.

I focused opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge.

Be More Marketable

When you acquire different skills, it’s important to keep in mind how marketable they are.

While you may not want to change your businesses, the market can make that decision for you- industries rise and fall constantly—prepare for a shift by being marketable. Market trends can help you identify what is or will be marketable.

Learn From Your (and other) Mistakes

Learning from your mistakes will undoubtedly propel your business forward.

The first time calles mistake but if you didn't learn and did it again it's stupidity.

It’s equally important not to dwell on your mistakes, which tends to happen when money is involved. Learn to identify sunk costs and disregard them so they don’t hold you back.

Build Systems

In business, one method for success is to document your process in order to systematize it and make it more efficient. This can also be applied to building habits, in life or in business, which will allow optimization. I’ve personally realized the value of habits and systems, and thus am reluctant to adapt to a new process unless it contributes to a bigger goal. This mindset also helps avoid stomach churning reactions to crises by forcing you to evaluate the decision you make as part of a broader framework.

When you own a small business, the barriers between business, career and life are nearly nonexistent, which allows you to leverage the knowledge you gain. You have to take it one step at a time or seek the help of professional coaches to help develop a system that works for you. Unfortunately, there isn’t an all-in-one solution for success, even if some programs make that claim.

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